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A Little History

The No Child Wet Behind diaper drive was founded in Westchester County, NY three years ago by Northeast Doulas.

This 501c3 is a not for profit corporation that creates awareness of diaper needs across the United States while building networks providing resources to those in need. A clean dry baby bottom is an obvious need that has to be met.

When a family struggles to, or is not able to provide diapers for their baby, the family is affected both physically and emotionally.

Programs exist to assist families with the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing. Surprisingly diaper needs are not supported by any of these government programs. The local event was so successful that we wanted to take it to a national level.

We are so happy to announce The National Diaper Drive and 5k Run will take place on various dates  throughout the month of  May and doula businesses around the country will participate.